Performance Safety provides safety consultations for multiple industries. Our board-certified safety-trained supervisors have devoted their entire careers to reducing workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. We have consulted with clients and provided training throughout the United States and internationally in the Mariana Islands and the Dominican Republic.

Jobsite Safety Inspections

Site inspections should be performed annually at a minimum. Our expert witness, Mr. Healey, will visit and inspect the construction worksite to ensure it complies with OSHA requirements. It must also follow federal, state, and local safety codes. The purpose of these inspections is to identify any potential hazards, so immediate improvements can be made to the site, thus preventing possible injuries or illnesses.

Additional consulting services include safety training courses, such as OSHA 10/30-hour construction and EM 385.1.1 10/40-hour hazard awareness classes, along with safety leadership training. You can view a complete list of available safety training courses offered in-person or virtually on our website. We also invite you to review current and recent projects and read our customer appreciation letters.

Meet Our Expert Witness

Mr. Healey is an expert witness with more than twenty-nine years of insurance, construction, and general industry experience in safety and health disciplines. He has a wide range of industry experience, emphasizing safety and health, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Surface mining
  • Power generation
  • Military installation
  • Highway construction
  • Underground utilities
  • Warehouse distribution centers
  • Semiconductor facility expansions
  • Interior/exterior building construction
  • Electrical transmission and distribution
  • Residential and multi-family construction

Also, Mr. Healey has management and strategic experience in diverse workforce environments and currently sits on the Arizona Occupational Safety and Health Review Board, appointed by the Governor of Arizona.

Mr. Healey is an authorized instructor for the OSHA Training Institute, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Region IX Education Center, and teaches many of Performance Safety’s offered workplace safety training courses.

Contact Us to Schedule Safety Consultations

Performance Safety is committed to improving and delivering high-impact and interactive presentations using adult learning techniques. Our safety consultation and training courses aim to improve employee retention rates and promote a safe working environment. To learn more about these courses or to sign-up, please click here. You can also contact us at (602) 803-2250 to inquire about available programs.